A Career Companion Throughout the Different Stages of One’s Career

Back in the day, jobs had a long shelf life where individuals could probably last in one job for their entire career. Fast forward to today and the shelf life for jobs is shrinking by the day. It is not unusual for people to cycle through multiple jobs within the span of a decade or less.

Strategically navigating the career ocean with poise, confidence and long-term vision requires a roadmap that can give an ambitious professional a leg up over the competition.

It is not only critical how someone starts a job but also how they end it is of equal importance. Each job you do should act as rocket fuel to propel you higher in your chosen career.

The countdown clock starts ticking once you start a new job and at the back of your mind you know that the job won’t last forever. So how can you maximize the shelf life of a job?

The art of maximizing the shelf life of a job encompasses the time and genuine effort that you invest to create win-win outcomes and value for both yourself and your employer.

The investment cycle begins from the job search process where you work on preparing the very best resume and cover letter that you can which in turn can open doors for interviews.

Preparing thoroughly for interviews positions you for a job. Once you get a job the real work begins of making an impact, being productive, sustaining your motivation and progressively advancing or growing.

Moreover, when you hit a prolonged plateau in a job, you also need the skill to know when to reinvent yourself or change flights.

In comes Starting Strong, Finishing Strong: Your Career Success Handbook a comprehensive career road-map that holds your hand throughout the entire job life cycle from resumes, cover letters, interviews, on-boarding, career growth and job promotions to resigning gracefully.

Across its 19 chapters, this eBook offers you in-depth tips and advice to prepare you for an upward trajectory in your career.

Learn practical tips such as:

  • How to write a good cover letter and resume,
  • How to exhaustively prepare for job interviews,
  • Common interview questions, answers and examples,
  • What to do on your first week at work, and
  • Ways to be successful at your job.

Other tips include:

  • How to take initiative at work,
  • How to be proactive at work,
  • Ways to improve your relationship with your boss,
  • How to get promoted, and
  • How to resign from your job gracefully.

Rich in substance and passionately written, this eBook is meant to be a career companion throughout the different stages of one’s career.

It has been developed as a complete guide to career success for both recent graduates and seasoned professionals.

It also includes bonus chapters on personal growth and helping others to find jobs.

If you desire to grow and succeed in your job, then this handbook is for you. It offers practical and actionable takeaways that you can use and implement over and over as you move up in your career.

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