About Duncan Muguku

Three words to describe Duncan Muguku – kind, optimistic and a big dreamer.

Duncan is the Founder of ThriveYard, a career advice website that specializes in providing in-depth career advice to help people excel in their careers.


EBooks by Duncan Muguku

Duncan has written two EBooks:

Starting Strong, Finishing Strong: Your Career Success Handbook

Freshly Squeezed Quotes: 200 Fresh Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

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Motivational Quotes

One win at a time quote

In life all you need is one win at a time, it all adds up over time – Duncan Muguku

Big Dream Quote

A big dream is a substantial wish or an aspiration for something, of which when we attain it; we believe it would fulfill or satisfy an inner longing or desire – Duncan Muguku

Own your big dream quote

Whatever your big dream is, you should own it and be proud of it – Duncan Muguku

Failure is the bridge quote-Duncan Muguku

Failure is the bridge that you cross on your way towards success – Duncan Muguku

Everyone has something special to offer quote-Duncan Muguku

Everyone has something special to offer in life. Avoid the pattern of thinking that just because you failed in one thing you will fail in everything – Duncan Muguku

Start and restart quote-Duncan Muguku

Sometimes you’ll start and restart many times as you try to get the right footing. Do not be discouraged by how many times you have to start. Once you gain your balance take a few easy steps and then a few more – Duncan Muguku

Key to growth and progress quote-Duncan Muguku

The key to growth and progress is to do a bit more each new day than you did the previous day and make small improvements as you move along – Duncan Muguku

Define your success quote – Duncan Muguku

If you can define your success, you can also redefine it – Duncan Muguku

Success zig zag quote – Duncan Muguku

Rarely will you achieve your success in one single shot; there will be many hits and misses. Be willing to endure a zig zag path. The goal is on average to end up with more hits than misses – Duncan Muguku

Your success is determined by quote – Duncan Muguku

Your success is determined by what you decide to do today. What you decide to do today determines your success – Duncan Muguku

Inspire your creativity quote – Duncan Muguku

The simplest way to inspire your creativity is to ask yourself questions about why things are the way they are and how can things be done differently – Duncan Muguku

Overcoming fear quote – Duncan Muguku

Overcoming fear is not a one-off event it is a process where as you unlock one fear gate, you gain confidence to unlock another gate and another one. Thereby increasing confidence and moving away from your comfort zone towards higher possibilities – Duncan Muguku

Identify the root of your fear quote – Duncan Muguku

Identify the root of your fear. Undertake a root canal on fear. Put on an imaginary surgical mask and perform surgery on fear, cut open fear and analyze its contents under a microscope. Identify and isolate the fear toxins contaminating the cells – Duncan Muguku

Perseverance quote – Duncan Muguku

Perseverance is determining to keep on going in the face of setbacks and challenges. It is that inner drive that keeps you in the game when everything else says it’s time to quit – Duncan Muguku

Lift someone up quote – Duncan Muguku

Stretch out your hand to lift someone up whenever you can and make a difference in the world in your own unique way. It starts with one person. Light someone’s candle – Duncan Muguku

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